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Spazio Tower, Jalan Mayjend Jonosewojo No. Kav 3 Surabaya,
East Java 60226


Nirwana Spa

Treat yourself to a luxurious and relaxing experience at our Spa. Nirwana Spa offers personalized treatments with experienced and well-trained therapists for a unique and remarkable experience for our valued guests.

Traditional Massage - 60' 90' 120'

Applying gentle soothing massage techniques with local aromatic oils, the aim is to remove overall tension, relieve swollen or painful joints and balance one's emotions.

Traditional Massage and Body Scrubs - 90'

Moisturizing body scrub provides a deep cleaning and exfoliating treatment. Dead skin cells are removed whilst the growth of healthy new ones are promoted. Mineral sea salt and olive oil help to remove impurities and stimulate blood circulation.

Traditional Body and Face Massage - 90'

Begin with a body massage followed by the facial massage. A head massage stimulates the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin whilst also calming muscle tension.

Couple Massage 60' 120'

Traditional Massage melts away muscle tension and stress, helps to improve circulation and stimulate an overall sense of wellbeing and balance both of your emotions.

Reflexology 60' 90'

Experience overall healing and wellbeing as your therapist focuses on the pressure points of your through deep feet with a sense of relaxation, helping to restore, rebalance and rejuvenate your body.